Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hippie wedding

An original plan for your wedding: the hipster theme or hippies
All your wedding decoration can resume this theme hippies. Yeye music, hi friends, decorating Nineteen
Sixties discotheque years for all of your hipster theme
 hippy theme
Here area unit some concepts for your table names on the theme hipster
Films of the 60s: Shoot the instrumentalist, Breathless, cheetah, contempt, Bay of Angels, The Umbrellas of port, the good mop, the women of Rochefort, Constable married ... list here if you wish ideas)
Music of the 60s see the list below, evening party)
Years hipster garments mini dress, mini skirt, polka dots, bright colours, tart, flaring jeans, scarves, flowers in hair, coloured tights
Hippie by table element: a star, a signature song from the sixties, a movie, a automobile name 60s, clothing
Stars of hippies year: Confederate soldier Halliday, Sylvie vartan, Françoise Hardy, Dutronc, France Gall, Sheila

decoration hippie  thème
For the meliorist theme, we have a tendency to suggest the multicoloured and loud, terribly 60s and yéyé
For a marriage theme on hippies, you'll be able to convey film posters and stars of the 60s (disco years, Hi folks, Reb Hallyday, Sheila, etc..) Or folks dressed as hippies
For your tables, don't hesitate to feature color: red, yellow, orange, green, turquoise. Why not a colourful table linen per table, or simply 2 or 3 colours tho' bright with a table linen and table runner 2 completely different colours. you'll be able to additionally dare patterns polka dots or flowers, terribly hippies
You can have your tables glitter, paper coloured mini guitars all told colours, true or false vinyls, recent magazines (find on ebay or leboncoin), mini discotheque balls
You can use stickers to brighten your walls, suspend recent vinyl records on a rope within the area, place a true juke enclose the space
And in fact an environment quite discotheque with mirror balls and boas
For your invites, opt for photos of some of 60s and alittle retro paper. Examples

Or make a false record sleeve or a fake magazine of the 60s with your photo
For your car, get a car mythical hippie years, which caused a sensation on the front of the church! The famous DS, for example! Or a vespa

Wedding Party hippies
For your opening dance, you can do with original choreography to the music of James Bond (film being cults in the 60s) or a '60s rock, or to provide a choreography with your friends and witnesses
You will of course tubes 60s (just buy you a compilation of 60 years to choose your titles)
You can also offer blind test animation of the 60s, for example by the guests guess the songs as you go
Some examples of songs from the sixties
I hear the train whistle )Richard Anthony)
Da doo ron ron )Johnny)
That I love you )Johnny)
The playboys )Dutronc)
Come dance the twist )Johnny)
I'm in agreement )Françoise Hardy)
School's out )Sheila)
It's five o'clock (Aphrodite's Child)
Walking Angels )The Companions of the song)
This is my song )Petula Clark)
Wax doll, doll of his )France Gall)
If I sing )Sylvie Vartan)


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