Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding Theme: Hippie Chic

A feigned neglected, between man and woodstock, marriage Hippie Chic, totally trendy this year promises a quirky and festive wedding

The place of receipt
Choose an out of doors reception, a field, a meadow, a park, an orchard, a beach that you just adorn with colourful flowers. Nature and colourful, embellished with lanterns and floral arches

The outfits married
Choose an extended bridal gown, bohemian varieties. select it from the trends of the year, Delphine Manivet, Louise Lace, Suzanne Ermann, studio Manon Pascual, The Brides of Provence, Luis Santana, Papilio Pronuptia magic, Temperley London, Elsa Gary, acutely aware consumer goods, Aranel, Pronuptia, Deborah Lindquist, The impressive Purple, Cymbeline, Nuit Blanche
At the tip of the ceremony, arrange launched ribbon, bird seed, born a butterfly for his or her spirit of nature
Arriving at the church are haunting 2CV, in ladybug, mini bus crusader or trailer. you'll be able to additionally embrace a procession of bikes if the reception venue isn't too off from the place of wedding

Send invites and save the date "of counterculture"

Wedding decoration
Flowery, psychedelic, colorful decoration will or will not. Lanterns, a flower bed, the Liberty fabric. Guide your guests with wooden signs
A colorful Tibetan cloth on a wooden farm table and benches around. Some cushions, candles, china plates and silverware, garlands of colored paper casseroles. The mix of genre is necessary to give personality to your table
A candy buffet bar, a smoothie bar, bar cookies, or tutti frutti bar offer light and tangy treats to your guests, candy kabobs, skewers buttons or pop's take you on a journey through time
Give tables group names or song titles of 60-70 years
Sign menus on sleeves colored discs
As a mark-up, put a wool tassel on each plate or hang them on chairs
As an urn wedding, put a bag hippie fabric
The table plan
As a table plan, opt for colored bottles in which you plant a fake or a real daisy that will label for guests' 

Animations wedding
Recreate a spirit woodstock colorful and kind. Suggest a dress code for your guests: wigs, straw hats, clothing, etc.. To get them, rummage in the markets

Guest Gifts
As a guest gifts, entertain your guests by offering them woodstock glasses, wigs, a headband or necklaces peace and love


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